Stacking "Totem" trivet set is functional when in use and beautiful when stored away. It is designed with sculptural ambition and to elevate everyday routine- it’s a functional art.

Individual trivet piece is designed in a way so it can slot to another and can be stacked both ways. Both sides are usable for different size vessels.

Serving tea or coffee using "Totem" trivets becomes a special ritual. Setting the table creates an interactive landscape of shapes.

When trivet pieces are not in use and stacked the “Totem” becomes a tactile sculpture and blends within the interior space and simultaneously its clean lines and repetitive geometry creates dynamic enough appearance for it to stand out as a feature object.

It’s a different take on a simple function for those who want to create a stimulating environment around themselves.

Different count “Totem” trivet set offered for different needs. Use one individual trivet for hot drinks at home office or at work. Set of three will prove to be the most flexible arrangement. The five-piece stacking “Totem” trivet set is by far the most impressive.

Individual pieces are cast in natural bone colour Jesmonite. They are sanded, polished and then treated with a sealer to prevent staining. All done by hand in London studio by Justas himself.

“Totem” trivet is resistant to impact and heat and is super-hard wearing. It can be used for hot cups, pots and pans or oven dishes. For larger items combine few "Totem" trivets next to each other for better support and to cover a bigger area.



Justas Silkauskas