Justas Studio main focus is creation of special and unique personal experiences through honest and uncompromised object designs.

Inspiration comes from observations of everyday life and fascination with systems. It reflects in design work that appeal to the sensory world through design language of shape compositions and use of materials. Preference is given for prime geometries and natural materials, putting great emphasis on the product’s use and scale of appearance.

Creative output strives for creating transformative, joyful experiences and meaningful designs. From small and decorative objects, to furniture and larger pieces.

Justas Studio is committed to embracing handmade products and supporting small manufacturing business around the Europe. Products are either made or production is outsourced- all by Justas himself.


Justas Silkauskas [ˈjʊstəs ˈsɪlkaʊskəs] was born in Lithuania. He moved to UK to study architecture and in consequent years started working on his own design projects.

From the early days of his creative career Justas was constantly focused on grafting his own unique philosophy and point of view.

Justas’ work practice spans from architecture and interior to product design and art installations.